Can-do Campbell Newman frightens Premier Bligh. 6th April 2011.

     For the first time in years, there is a real threat to the perceived labor generational reign in Queensland politics.     After a long time of impotent leadership in the LNP, there is finally light in the tunnel.     A Can-do light!

     Even before Can-do was endorsed as a candidate for the next election, the Queensland untouchables clearly demonstrated their fear at the mere suggestion of an opposition, after years of having no opposition.

     Today Can-do queried Andrew Frazer’s knowlege of a current CMC inquiry.      Of course the Ql’d treasurer would have inside information, after all, Bulldust Pete made the CMC a part of the Ql’d Premier’s Office.    I hadn’t heard that that had changed with the changing of the Gaurd.

    GO, CAN-DO, GO,GO, GO!

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Tara protests in Brisbane, 07.03.11

Landowners from Tara, western Queensland travelled to Brisbane today to stage a coal seam drilling/mining protest rally outside parliament house.     The general apathy of the average Australian was clearly evident by the low turnout of Brisbane people. Unless the average Joe Blow wakes up soon, the Great Artesian Water Basin will be desecrated.       Unfortunately city people live in a very small, selfish world, the majority not knowing, nor caring, about the difference between basic rights and wrongs.
Politicians clearly demonstrated their lack of empathy by avoiding the rally.                                                                   Also active at the rally was a petition, reading, “We the undersigned do hereby petition the Queensland Legistlative Assembly to take whatever action is necessary to secure the immediate resignation/dismissal of Anna Bligh as Premier of Queensland on the grounds of gross incompetence and bullying.”.       Most signed the petition, but several folk chose not to.  The reason given being “I don’t believe there is any connection between coal seam drilling for gas and Anna Bligh.”     This was the most incredible statement that I heard during the rally.
The media were present but they showed their lack of empathy by low key reporting on the evening news.
This leaves the Tara folk with no alternative but the non-violent blockade of mining movements in that area.
Kev’s Office wishes Tara all the best in their battle to preserve their life style.

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Country voters to test Bullying Bligh

     What a difference a month can make in politics.  Today Bullying Bligh is the flavour of the month, even giving us a very deliberately staged phony teary eye during a flood propaganda exercise.  How many viewers will remember the recent Four Corners programe on coal seam gas drilling at Tara, 300 kilometers west of Brisbane?  Money hungry mining companies have formed an unholy aliance with Bullying Anna Bligh to destroy parts of Queensland’s bush and it’s lifestyle.  Rumor has it that some of those who are disenchanted with Bullying Bligh’s standover tactics are planning a coal seam gas drilling/mining protest at the Queensland Parliament House, Brisbane, Australia, at 10.00 AM, Monday 7th March, 2011.  A forum to follow, between 12.00 noon and 1.30 PM.   Will Queensland’s brown nosing media report this protest?   Or will they remain silent as they have done on so many important issues!

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Bligh and Cambell help flood victims. 31st Jan. 2010

     Premier Bligh and Brisbane Lord Mayor Cambell have certainly put a lot of good work into organizing flood related assistance for Queensland’s unfortunate victims, and deserve recognition for their efforts.     It was good that they recognized the need to show leadership in a time of emergency.    I commend them for that.

     There is an old proverb, “Many advisors to the King make for good government”.

     Unfortunately good advisors are not thick on the ground around either of them.     The advice to well meaning volunteers to go into flood damaged homes and remove everything therein as being unsalvagable, was poor advice indeed!     The senseless dumping of countless sets of crockery and cutlery, solid wooden furniture and other salvageable items, often without consulting the owner, was in many cases, nothing less than wanton vandalism.    

     Some of this was of special value to the victims, and can never be replaced.      Where private premises were entered without the owner,s knowlege or permission, it was a sad form of looting and theft!     The unfortunate victims probably won’t protest about this, for fear of appearing ungrateful towards the volunteers who so generously gave of their time and work to help the victims.

     I would have thought that our Lord Mayor at least, would have shown more sense, but perhaps he too, depends too much on advisors who don’t live in the real world, and would not recognise common sense if they fell over it.

     The media frenzy added to the stupidity by blindly accepting all advice given.     They must surely have seen many examples of unecessary dumping, and said nothing about it.     It all goes to show that when too many people live in an ant nest they loose the ability to think for themselves.

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Wivenhoe Dam threat, 11th Jan, 2011

     What was originally built for flood control, has now become a very real threat to Brisbane, Australia.

     With more rain forecast for the catchment area, the Brisbane River is full, and so is Wivenhoe Dam.     197% full!     The first 100% is the original capacity, earmarked for Brisbane water supply, and the extention built on top of that wall, will hold another 120% for flood control.

     Due to bad management the dam, the original plus the extention,  has been allowed to fill, cancelling out any more flood control.     If the weather forecasters are correct, and it keeps raining, Wivenhoe will contribute to the worst flood that Brisbane, and Australia has ever known.     Lets hope that the wall extention holds, and that the weather people are wrong.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Mean spirited Premier Bligh shows her carings! 31st Dec. 2010

Below is an extract from a central Queensland newspaper, plus a couple of comments posted on the net.   Kev’s Office endorses this article.




$1m state relief fund an ‘insult’ | Emerald News | Local News in

Daniel Burdon | 30th December 2010


 CONTRIBUTING just $1 million to the disaster relief fund is an insult to rural families and primary producers across the state, according to a prominent Emerald grazier.

Living on the Nogoa River, Leon Clothier has kept one eye on the river levels and an ear to the radio for the past few weeks.

As town residents were being evacuated from Emerald, Mr Clothier entered the river with a “mouthful of nails, a hammer, measuring tape and shorts” on to get the latest river levels, which he said are now 5.8 metres above the top of Fairbairn Dam, exceeding the 2008 floods by 1.3 metres thus far.

He said the announcement yesterday that Premier Anna Bligh’s office had contributed a mere $1 million to the disaster relief effort “disgusted producers”, and came as a slap in the face after former Prime Minister Rudd donated $75 million to Pakistan for their flood relief efforts.

Mr Clothier was not alone in his view that the state and federal government’s contributions, each of $1 million, was pitiful when considering his son-in-law had already lost more than $1 million worth of cotton.

Such stories were not a rarity, Mr Clothier said, but more like the norm.

He said: “I’ve spoken to one of our neighbours, and he said he had seen dead cattle coming down the river, and while I haven’t lost any cattle, there is a lot of flooding.

“There are plenty more people out there doing it tougher than me.”




Recent Comments

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Posted by ricklin from Biloela, Queensland

30 December 2010 9:02 p.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

How about the State and indeed the nation cancel all the money wasting New Year’s fireworks and attached celebrations and give all of that money to relief appeals across our nation. City folk need to feel the pain of the country too!

Posted by geraint from Norman Gardens, Queensland

30 December 2010 11:45 p.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

ricklin, fair point about the fireworks, but the big cities have had their fair share of disasters too – bush fires, storms, flash flooding, etc. It’s not just the country cities and towns that cop it.

Posted by cquau from Central Queensland Mc, Queensland

31 December 2010 1:33 a.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

As a local miner yesterday said in trying to come to terms with Government insensitivity towards flood-ravaged Queenslanders,

‘The Australian Government gave in excess of seven million dollars to Pakistan and yet it can’t even help its own.

‘Similarly, the Australian Government is spending 10 million dollars on fireworks celebrations on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for New Years Eve and flood-stricken Queenslanders have lost everything!

One child when interviewed by media said,‘We only have one bottle of milk left.’

Any decent government would cancel ‘celebrations’ instead of thumbing the victim.

Party on spendthrifts, we’ll repay you at the polls and dance at your funeral then.

Posted by cquau from Central Queensland Mc, Queensland

31 December 2010 1:39 a.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

Ricklin, I couldn’t agree more and I am certain that the people of Theodore, Chinchilla, Rocky, etc would like to say a few words on this. Is this the only country that rejoices in suffering?

There could be no greater shame than for the rest of the world to know how our Government abandoned the people in their greatest most devastating hour of need, in favour of partying down in the South…where I am certain flood victims are far from their minds as they go ahead and kick up their expensive heels.

We have less than 24 hours to plead with the Nation’s and indeed State’s leaders to
‘Please donot go ahead with your multi-million-dollar party…Give it to the people. Have a bit of common decency if you can’t have compassion.’

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Police again protected in the Police State. 27.12.2010

     The public perception of the Queensland Police Service has taken another downward move.

     Yet another ‘official’ enquiry has found that two members of QPS were not responsible for the death of a young man on the road.     They had handcuffed him and left him on the road, where he was run over by a passing motorist.

      If these careless and irresponsible cops weren’t conducting themselves in a responsible manner, then they shouldn’t be in the force.     And where are their partners in crime?   Perhaps down in the nearest pup with some of their media mates, ‘being responsible’?


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     My congratulations go to Julian Assan and his excelent Wikileaks organization.     How refreshing, in a world of bullies, liars and con-artists, to see an organization which actively encourages transparency.    Its easy now to see the people who have things to hide.      I wish Julian and his organization all the very best for the future.     And of course, a blessed Christmas as well.
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NZ Mining mystery deepens, 24th Nov. 2010

     The New Zealand coal mine disaster has just reported another explosion within the mine.
     The unusual style of reporting from the site continues.   It appears to be a very controlled release, lacking the credability of usual emergency situations.    I am unable to avoid the idea that those reporting events have been less than honest in their reporting.     Why did those in charge sit on their hands for five days?   Why did the rescue heads intend to enter the mine "the next day".    Why did they claim that they had no equipement with which to monitor the gases inside the mine?    Were they not required to monitor gases within the mine on a regular basis?   Were there suficient ventalator shafts near the working part of the mine?   MMMMMMMMMMMMMM ?
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